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"Vicious Loops and Pendulums".

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"Vicious Loops and Pendulums" illustrates the application of certain scientific principles to everyday life. They play an important part in determining the performance of numerous systems in sociology, psychology, finance, economics and many others.
For example a positive feedback loop can be dangerous unless kept under control - it is often known as a vicious circle. It is nevertheless a necessary ingredient if any activity is to perpetuate itself. It plays a part in successful businesses and failures. The self-confidence of people is subject to this phenomena and so too is confidence in financial institutions - especially when rumours are spread. There are numerous other examples.
The Scoldent list is introduced to consider methods for optimising situations and preventing them spiralling out of control.
This book started as a result of the interest shown whenever the topics were introduced. The aim is to spread that interest around a wider readership.